Jul 4, 2024


Greetings Warriors,
Welcome to our second MechWarrior 5: CLANS Character Featurette, featuring Star Commander Jayden played by Rory Saper. Our Character featurettes series continues to introduce you to the characters and actors immersing players in an epic tale set amidst a massive Invasion in MechWarrior 5 CLANS.



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The Invasion Begins October 3rd, 2024! 

MechWarrior 5: CLANS is the Standalone Game 
coming to XBOX Series S|X, PlayStation 5, and PC on October 3rd, 2024
- Experience the Clan Invasion from the perspective of Clan Smoke Jaguar as you lead your Star through engaging missions and combat, with cinematics unlike anything seen before in MechWarrior.
- Strategic adaptability is key to victory and more accessible than ever with the new Battle Grid, Command Wheel, and Streamlined Controls.
- Customize your 'Mechs with advanced Clan weapon systems, equipment, and upgrades for mission-specific battles, and advance your pilots with the new pilot progression system.
- Experience MechWarrior like never before with a fully standalone campaign featuring detailed environments and dynamic destruction using the latest Unreal Engine and new Tech Updates.
- Play with up to 4 other players as you protect and lead your Star through complex missions and thrilling combat

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